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Healthy body healthy mind.


Healthy body healthy mind.

Your Majesty Day Spa Salon was opened in January 2014. When I decided to open a salon, I wanted it to be something more than the classic beauty salon, I wanted a beauty salon where everyone will feel welcome, and finally, where everyone will be treated according to individual needs, because we are all different.

Your Majesty Salon is a paradise for rest and relaxation. Let certified professionals with years of experience gained working on luxury cruisers take care of you. In cooperation with several companies, we were able to make a perfect blend of beautiful and useful in the world of beauty and create a new brand in our country.

If you’re wondering what kind of treatment suits you the most, we will gladly help you select the one which is tailored for the condition you are concerned about. This is exactly our aim: that our customers achieve the desired result and are satisfied with our services.

All treatments are based on the individual needs of the client, whether it be health, beauty, boosting of the immune system, nutrition, detoxication, weight loss, anti-aging, acne, cellulite … We offer free help for you to choose the treatment that really suits you.

Users who make our brand are: Renergique, CND, EzFlow School, experience and training: Serbia, Holland, London, Miami. Your Majesty Salon & Day Spa will provide you with an impeccable professional service with a smile because you deserve to be treated like Your Majesty.

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Provide the feeling of greatness to your body, because it deserves it.