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Membership cards and discounts

Membership cards and discounts

Have you heard of our loyalty cards? We wish to inform you that the new system which will provide amazing discounts on our treatments in the Your Majesty Salon has set off since the beginning of the year.
Get entitled to own your Majesty card.
First coming to our shop will enable you to have the Standard Card which gives you a 2 to 20% discount for each subsequent arrival.
When you fill out this card you will become our permanent customer and you will be entitled to get some of our id cards:

With it you get a 10% discount on the total amount of your bill.


With it you get a 15% discount on the total amount of your bill.
After 20 treatments in the salon for which you use your vip discount card, you get entitled to own a silver card, which expires at the end of the current year.


After 60 treatments in a salon where you use your silver card discount, you become entitled to a gold card and it is valid for 2 years from the date of acquirement.
Gold card can be used unlimited number of times during its validity.
The condition for acquiring some of the cards is registration on our web site. Do not worry if you forget your card, our system allows us to record the number of your visits to salon.

We appreciate your loyalty!

Until we see you again 🙂

Your Majesty Salon






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